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Our Philosophy

Buddies strives to create a home like environment that is welcoming and warm, there is a strong emphasis on partnerships with families and the surrounding community. A family's cultural and linguistic diversity is embraced and acknowledged, with the Jewish culture embedded into the program. Buddies provides a Jewish and Hebrew learning curriculum with values and experiences that enable each child to make meaning of their Jewish identity. We engender values, knowledge and skills so that children can contribute their full amount to their community as Jewish and Australian. An integral part of this is to build a positive and open relationship with our families.

Buddies provides an educationally appropriate and inclusive curriculum using the Early Years Learning Framework to grow and nurture the whole child. At Buddies we acknowledge that the early years are the most important and are the foundation of future learning. We recognise the value of play and encourage children to be explorers of their environment. At Buddies we enable children to learn to respect and care for all living things, by teaching responsibility and role modelling care for the natural environment. Buddies is aiming to be a sustainable centre and embedding this into the children to make them more informed citizens. The daily program is designed specifically for child and adult directed activities.

Staff are committed to ongoing training and learning and are respected for their individual strengths and abilities they bring to the centre.