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Both our 3 year old and 4 year old kindergarten programs are delivered by our Bachelor qualified educators, together with their qualified and experienced support team.  We use The Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) with the three key concepts of Belonging, Being and Becoming shaping our focus on the learning and development of children in their early years. 

As part of your child's day, we have Storypark to record and communicate learning as it happens. You receive instant feedback as we plan new ways to extend your child's unique interests and abilities.
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The Framework includes principles, practices and outcomes.

The principles guide educator practices with participation from families and our community. The practices require play-based learning (developed from children’s interests), inclusivity, holistic development and intentional teaching moments. Lastly the outcomes provide educators with key indicators of learning to assist in their planning, observations and daily practices.

The emphasis on play based learning is immersed within the principles, practices and outcomes of the Framework.  Play is an integral part of the Framework, specifically designed for each child’s interest, keeping in mind the children’s sense of agency, individuality and ownership. At our centres further exploration and extension of a child’s interests requires the inclusion of our educators’ personal pedagogical practices which are aligned with the centres’ philosophy.


Our under three year old rooms

Our goal is to focus on building connections and meaningful relationships with each child and their families. At this age, what’s essential is that each child feels safe and secure, takes risks and are encouraged to develop at their own pace, being fully supported and guided by our teachers.


Our three year old room

Children in our three year old room enjoy the benefits of teachers who develop individualised play based learning programs with a focus on the child’s interests. We incorporate enrichment programs and children benefit from our high educator to child ratio.


Our 4 year old room  

Children in our four year old room are developing self help skills, confidence, resilience, pre-literacy and numeracy skills through our educational programs which have been designed specifically with a school readiness program in mind.

Assessment and Rating

Buddies operates under the National Quality Framework and is assessed and rated against the National Quality Standards by the requirements of the National Law and National Regulations.

The National Regulations and the National Quality Standard are organised around seven quality areas. These areas cover best practice and the way in which high-quality education and care is to be delivered.

In our most recent Assessment and Ratings review at Jasper Rd. we received the highest standard possible in all 7 quality areas (exceeding)