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Buddies values equity of resources, which  means our centres impart the sharing of resources to ensure they are available for future generations. We believe that by teaching  the younger generations these values we can contribute to a sustainable future.

Buddies is a leader in the community with comprehensive and varying programs embedded into the children’s everyday practices. This is achieved through our “collaboration of sustainability officers” who are a mix of children and teachers.

Children can be supported to become responsible and show respect for the environment when sustainable practices are embedded in the curriculum. To achieve this, pro-active polices and procedures are supported and practiced consistently by staff, children and families.

Buddies environments engage with the outside world, as demonstrated by the following.

Worm Farm

CLO’ey Compost

Community Garden

Buddies is part of the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation


Natural Play Spaces

The Buddies environment supports the concept of Belonging by being welcoming to children and families.

The environmental spaces are warm and inviting, consistent and predictable and provide a sense of ownership and involvement for the children. They also provide challenges and some risk, as well as opportunies for children to make choices, all of which helps them to feel a sense of achievement, (self esteem/identity/feeling good about yourself).


All meals are prepared on our premises by our centre cooks and include breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and supper. We offer a four week vegetarian rotating menu. We endeavor to use organic and seasonal produce where we can. We regularly review and update our menu in line with current guidelines incorporating recommendations from     

Our centres have a Five Star Quality Rating awarded by the Glen Eira Council and we comply with the requirements of the Food Safety Plan that is assessed annually by both local council and an independent Auditor.

To ensure a varied and nutritious menu our cooks plan, using the guidelines from Nutrition Australia and a dietitian.