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We have been involved in early education for over 30 years and believe it is our responsibility that all children have access to the highest quality of care. It is incumbent upon us to work together with educators and parents to provide children in our care with exceptional experiences to help them develop and learn.

Our delivery of early childhood programs is based on the philosophy that every child must feel valued and nurtured so the best possible outcomes for each individual child can be achieved.

To assist each child in developing strong self-esteem and becoming independent and resilient within their environment, we must always look to their needs and support their growth holistically. This involves a multitude of areas including language, social, emotional, physical, creative and intellectual development.


We are very proud to offer the local community a long day kindergarten and child care centre which provides children and families with a uniquely comprehensive Jewish learning and social experience, and are proud to be involved with a place that is philosophically committed to ensuring that:

  • everyone feels well-informed, involved, supported, consulted and safe;

  • learning is engaging, developmentally appropriate, creative and continual;

  • diverse backgrounds and abilities have a voice;

  • achievements are celebrated;

  • individual needs are balanced with the needs of the group;

  • Jewish culture and tradition has a presence;

  • there is a commitment to continuous reflection and improvement and,

  • exceptional educational learning experiences are offered to all children, through a play based programme following the EYLF.

  • the care and education of children at Buddies has become a group effort, with our vision now shared and nurtured by a growing team of people working together to provide an exceptional learning experience.

I am a qualified kindergarten and primary trained teacher and Sam is a chartered accountant. I am involved in the programming and day to day operation of the centres whilst Sam is responsible for general accounting and marketing aspects.  

We trust that as you get to learn more about Buddies, you will become as excited as we are about what we can offer your child and your family. 

— Gina & Sam Rosenberg