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Buddies is focused on the cultural sense of  the community and as such, offers and encourages special events around the Jewish calender. Families cultural and linguistic diversity is embraced and acknowledged, with Jewish cultural activities related to the sabbath and particular high holydays and Israel being studied, discussed and celebrated.

Learning about Jewish culture through hands on experiences such as, baking Challah on a Friday, preparing Matza for Passover and having a visit from a bee keeper to teach us about honey prior to Rosh Hashana is celebrated throughout the calendar year. The immersion of Jewish culture through the everyday curriculum embeds knowledge, customs and rituals and gives meaning and purpose to the childrens’ appreciation and understanding of these practices.

We engage and invite families to many joyous gatherings during the year to share in our customs and celebrations. For example, we have a weekly Shabbat programme where two children are asked to be the Imma and Abba, with their extended families attending to celebrate the event with them.  Families are also invited to share our Passover Seder, Purim parade and feast, and our Succot party, amongst other activities.